My First Wealth Building Retreat…and YOU are invited too!

Hi Friends!
Forgive me for the short notice on this. I realize some of you may have already been contacted by Wright Thurston’s office. I asked Wright if some of my associates could attend his Retreat as my guest, at no cost, to hear and get to know Wright better. Wright agreed that you may attend, at no charge, if you would like.
See details below: Bobby Umar @raehanbobby
P.S. I will be teaching at this event!

Unless you want to throw Two Thousand Dollars into your wastebasket, please read this letter and Respond Immediately.

We have made special arrangements with friend and partner, Wright Thurston, to invite some of our friends to one of Wright’s upcoming Wealth Building Retreats. This is two full days of powerful instruction with some of the top instructors in the North America. Wright normally charges Two Thousand Dollars a couple, we have asked Wright if we could make available, at no cost, a few complementary scholarships for our friends and business associates. (Seating is limited & on a  “First Come First Served” Basis. When the no cost scholarships are gone, they’re gone!)

At no cost to you and your guest, you will receive all ten (10) bonuses listed below. Again I repeat, there are no charges of any kind for these items which include:

– A Fifty Dollar Gift Certificate
– Special recognition at the Retreat
– Photograph with various faculty members
– Additional special gifts
– Gift Drawings each day 
– Customized Workbook
– Two full days of wealth building instruction
– Graduation gift
– Tuition for Two, a Two Thousand Dollar Value
– Grand Drawing, a Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar value


Register online at:  Your confirmation code isBOBBY UMAR VIP 

Please provide us with the following information so we can update our records and finalize your registration:A. Name
B. A complete mailing address
C. Best e-mail address. **Very Important.
D. Best telephone numbers, both home and work
E. The name of your guest, if you are bringing one
F. Which Retreat location?
Please mention you received this special invitation and that your confirmation code number is: BOBBY UMAR VIPWe realize you are busy, but if you can make yourself available to attend this Wealth Building Retreat, please act before it’s too late. We don’t want you to miss out.Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.Massive Success: Bobby Umar @raehanbobby

P.S. The Retreat is being held at:

May 1st & 2nd (8:30 am to 5:30 pm daily. New information is taught each day.)
901 Dixon Road
Toronto, ON M9W 1J5
Look for the Wright Thurston Business Meetings.

Because of the meeting room space at each location, we are limited to the number of complementary scholarships we can offer at no cost. This will be on a first come first serve basis.

From: Wright ThurstonIn case we haven’t met before, my name is Wright Thurston. My wife Janett and I have now built over a seven figure net worth in five different areas.We have been investing in Real Estate for over 30 years. We currently own Real Estate in three different countries. (apartment buildings, shopping mall, hotels, etc.)We are doing our world famous Wealth Building Retreat for nearly 25 years with some of the top faculty instructors in the world. Two full days of powerful instruction in such areas as real estate, social media, and asset protection, as well as other investing topics with some of the finest minds in North America. It is important to have multiple streams of income and you will be introduced to several at this event. Many of our friends and students worldwide have taken advantage of these wealth building Retreats. Some of these graduates are now making as much as Thirty Thousand Dollars a month because of the ideas received.We hope you will be able to join us. Best wishes: Wright Thurston

P.P.S. If not already registered, you and your guest can still contact us while the no cost, complementary scholarships are still available.

**The Best Way is to Register online at:
**Please use the confirmation code number: BOBBY UMAR VIP 


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3 Methods to Really Learn Networking


Having recently launched our first book on Networking — “How to Network Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone: Book 1 – Live Events” — I shared a personal message about three big announcements I had. After sending, I got some interesting feedback.

Someone loved ‘how each of the three items was unique in how it developed a particular networking skillset’. It got me thinking about the different ways a person could improve their networking prowess.

We all learn and in grow in different ways. However, there are three main methods to build our abilities in connection, engagement and leadership. I shall demonstrate within the context of the actual announcements…

1) Our book is now LIVE on Amazon and Kindle! Get either version here.

That’s right, books! What a great way to learn. You can dive into theory, stories, and deep explanations with the magic of the written word. There are tons of books on networking out there besides my own. One of my favourites is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. People can learn a ton by reading. But you still need to act and experience.

2) Meet the Authors at Cool Connections big Holiday Mixer TODAY Dec 4, 7:30pm. Both Ryan and I will be giving out signed copies of our new book at the event and we’d love to meet you. You can register here. Use the code BeCool20 to save 20% off.

Is there any greater substitute for learning than by real-life practice? The best networkers never took a course or read dozens of books (cough cough, that used to be me). They just went out and did it.

The best networkers learned from watching others, engaging talented people, asking the right questions and making tons of mistake. All the while, they reflected and added that experience to a more diverse toolkit. Experiential learning usually has the most profound affect to embed the networking tools you need. So go to events like Cool Connections, learn from the best to become the best.

3) SOMETHING SPECIAL: Launch of my Networking Mastery Program. I have just put together a complete outline of EVERYTHING I have come to know and discover about true and authentic networking. This high-end coaching program launches Tuesday December 9 at 9pm. Interested? Learn more here!

This method is all about focus. A training course or program has two main benefits.

  1. First off, for those who have trouble learning from books, have lots of questions or seek more one one one interaction with a trusted expert (vs. the stress of live events), a coaching program offers that and more.
  2. Second, it offers a way to train the relative newbie or the intermediate professional in a most comprehensive and detailed way that can be a game changer relative to where they began.

Most programs offer numerous tools and tactics, go into great details and focus on mindset and preparation to really drive home the message and instil the learning. A training course or coaching program, whether one day or 12 weeks long offer a far better customization and personalized approach.

Of course there is the ‘all of the above’ or a mix of the above approach — usually 1 & 2 or 2 & 3 — .which is understandable as you need to have live practice.


The best thought leaders in building connections and relationship building have leveraged all three methods. They read…alot. They spend time at events. They have a coach or seek training. This willingness to learn broadly and deeply separates them as the best in the business.

So how do YOU learn? What methods have been the best for learning networking, connecting and building relationships?

Got any thoughts, ideas or feedback for me? I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions too. You can call, e-mail or tweet anytime.

Wishing you all the best on your connection crusade!


Twitter: @raehanbobby

SOMETHING SPECIAL: Authentic Networking Masterclass


I’ve recently been inspired to do something very special for just a small group of select people.

But first, the back story… I’ve been blessed that over the last year or so there have been many wonderful things that have happened to me. I am now a contributor for The Huffington Post, I have been accepted into the National Speakers Bureau and I have been building multiple brands like DYPB ’14 – Discover Your Personal Brand Conference, Cool Connections, Humans of Canada – Official and have just released my new book – How To Network Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone.

And after reflecting on what the #1 key element to making this all happen was… I realized it had everything to do with true and authentic networking. (Heck, that’s why I wrote a book on it).

So here is where you might come in.

I have just put together a complete outline of EVERYTHING I have come to know and discover about true and authentic networking. And for the next 12 or so weeks, I am going to personally teach, consult and coach a small group of people and take them on a deep dive in this.

It is going to be 100% hands on and by the end of it not only will you have everything you need to know about networking, but I will have worked personally with you to develop your own network, which will open up a world of opportunities for you.

I have had so many people come to me recently and ask if I can help them with this, so I figured this would be the best way to personally invest in this small group of people and actually see transformational results.

Interested? If so PM me here and we’ll set up a time for a quick chat where I can give you the specific details and see if we have a fit. I can only make this available to a handful of people (to make it the most effective and efficient to everyone involved) so if you’re interested PM me right away as it will be open on a first come, first served basis.


Guest Blog: “Success” Defined – Nadine Abdallah

The following is a guest blog from one of my interns, Nadine Abdallah, who is currently serving as a Business Development Manager for Raeallan. I asked her and my other interns to start blogging a series of posts that were relevant to them and their peers. This is Nadine’s first post. Hope you enjoy! — Bobby


“Success” Defined

ImageAs the summer rapidly nears its inevitable conclusion, I find myself thinking of what the future academic year holds. Entering my first year at the Richard Ivey School of Business after completing my first two years of university is an exciting yet daunting stage in my life that has sparked recent questions of “success”. What is success? How can it be measured? And perhaps the scariest question of all: Will I be successful?

The issue of success is a constant thought of many. In fact, a simple Google search will present thousands of articles with titles along the lines of: “10 Tips to Success” or “How to be Successful”. We have all heard it before, from grandparents, parents, older siblings or cousins and particularly the media, that success is centered on a prosperous career and a hefty salary. Although these are important facets in ones life and undoubtedly a measure of some success, are these the only variables that define success in our lives?

It seems that society is completely focused on crossing off items off lists. We’re encouraged to use shopping lists, daily to-do lists, packing lists and wish lists. In addition to these, we have become consumed by an idealistic life list in order to be deemed “successful”. While this list is a great exemplar of stages in one’s life, any deviations or urges to stray from the list are frowned upon or suppressed.  But why is this the case? A successful life list consists of graduating high school, attending a prestigious university, graduating with honours, attaining a high paying job (preferably a doctor or lawyer), etc. but there is no mention of creativity, passion, individuality or the bumps in the road that can be expected in life.

So then, what happens if an item on the list remained uncrossed? Does this become a blockade – a proverbial “Road Closed Sign” that defines us as the, dare I say it (or in this case type it) “unsuccessful”. *Gasp* Herein lies my problem with this life list that has become ingrained within each of us. Life is not static and we are not all carbon cut outs of one another. Humanity is diverse with numerous aptitudes, interests, cultures, backgrounds and experiences that diverge from this preliminary list. Therefore, dropping out of school, choosing to volunteer around the world instead of working subsequent to graduation, changing an initial career goal are not measures of unsuccessfulness but rather individual successes within ourselves

Imagine a world of lawyers and doctors. While everyone would be assured a fair trial and an unlimited supply of flu shots, we would not have aspiring chefs, athletes, teachers or motivational speakers. There are going to be twists and turns in life that lead to some items never being crossed off the list. Instead of being defined as a failure, it must be defined as a learning experience. And afterall, isn’t learning more about oneself the greatest success of all?

While my parents have never been forceful of the list, social stigma has been a cruel dictator, particularly in my life.  My personal definition of success has always plagued me. Yet, I have always admired my younger sister for her deviation from the list. Her sheer passion for the culinary arts is so magnificent. So much so that she refused to even apply to university because she was set on hands-on education at Humber College. Her creativity in the kitchen is not only moving but also inspiring. Her ability to dedicate herself to her culinary passion whilst willingly straying from the basic life list is admirable. I truly respect her allegiance to her culinary dreams and although I have not found a passion worthy of said devotion, I am hopeful and excited.

So many, like my sister have followed their dreams despite the list – so many that have been successful in their goals and redefined the meaning of success.  Mike Lazaridis dropped out of school and now is accredited for his successes in RIM. Gandhi succeeded in doing what was considered the unthinkable in liberating India. These are only two of countless dreamers who succeeded in making these goals a reality.

These past few months as a Raeallan intern, I have learned things about success that I perhaps would have never understood otherwise. How does Bobby with an Aerospace Engineering background and an MBA find himself as the President of a transformational speaking company inspiring others and ultimately taking a chance on myself and my fellow interns Audrey, Anu and Jade? Passion, drive, and a sheer love for what he does. This has inspired me to view success very differently from how I once viewed it (admittedly according to the life list). I hope my message is not misconstrued. It is important to have goals and aspirations. It is important to strive to achieve whatever you desire. However, of utmost importance is not to be discouraged if perhaps a previous goal is unattained or altered. For this is not a failure, but a success in personal growth and development. Now, where does my opinion lie on the definition of success. Simply, dare to dream, dare to be silly, dare to be spontaneous and dare to follow your passions – for ultimately you define your own success.

Peace and Love,


Nadine’s Bio: Nadine is entering her third year at the University of Western Ontario. She will be attending her first year at the Ivey School of Business after completing her first two years in Political Science. She has a passion for mentorship as demonstrated in her numerous leadership positions for campus clubs and Western’s Residence Life. She is an avid basketball player and spends most of her days mastering the art of Connect Four.