Project GYST

Project GYST (Get Your Sh!t Together) is one of many Raeallan initiatives designed to further our mission to “discover, develop and inspire leadership amongst Gen Y and Gen X”.

Through Project GYST, we are looking to leaders of all ages to tell us what they are doing to essentially…GYST! Twice a month, we open up submissions for a new topic. Topics range from enrichment programs to networking. The one thing they all have in common is the theme of connection!

We have two goals in running Project GYST!

The first is to engage great leaders like yourself, and give them encouragement to voice their experience and bolster their online presence. If you win, your submission will be shared across all of Raeallan’s social media channels, including our Twitter channel which has over 100k followers! Added to that, the winner will get cool prizes to propel their professional life forward. These include a free consultation with networking and personal branding expert Bobby Umar and free tickets to a networking event!

Our second goal is to connect with great leaders, and learn from their experiences! By publishing your ideas online, you provide us and a host of other leaders with valuable insight (because no one can share your experiences and ideas but you!).


1)  Express yourself online! Create a blogpost, a video, an infographic or anything else that can be shared!

2)  Send your submission to:

3) Check out this fun video about Do’s and Don’t’s for submissions: click here

REMEMBER: We’ll be announcing the winner of the previous topic, and  announcing a new topic on Youtube twice a month. For all the latest updates, follow us on Facebook or Youtube!

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