“Networking For Introverts: Turning Anxiety into Achievement”

TOMORROW!! ~ Raeallan-Webinar3-IntrovertedNetworkingDo you ever feel shy, anxious or nervous when at networking events, meetings or one-on-one conversations?

Do you find that your introversion can sometimes be a barrier to maximizing your engagement or impact?

Join me for my 3rd FREE Webinar – “Networking For Introverts: Turning Anxiety into Achievement”

June 17, 11am & 9pm ET.

REGISTER: http://raeallan.com/networkingforintroverts

Here is what we will cover:
– Why it’s perfectly okay to be nervous or feel shy.
– Why Introverts should network.
– How Introverts can prepare, meet people, create winning conversations and excel at the follow-up.
– How to boost your confidence and get people to remember you.
– How Introverts can make an impact.
– Introverts vs. Extroverts: How you can best them.
– How to talk to fellow Introverts and how to talk to other Extroverts.

Hope you can join us. If you know someone who will benefit from this valuable, please SHARE with them.

REGISTER: http://raeallan.com/networkingforintroverts

My First Foray into Free Webinars For Folks

I’ve done Lunch n’ Learns. I’ve done free live seminars11224329_961496873884458_6818171820279797424_n. I’ve done thousands of coffees. But now I am heading into a new arena of business. They are called Webinars.

I am slowly realizing the power of scale, reach and accessibility. The other ones above that I mentioned are great for creating connection, sharing knowledge, building brand awareness and thought leadership, generating business leads and more. But webinars, as I am learning from some of the best content experts in the world, is a great way to go. These experts include people like Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Marie Forleo — entrepreneurs who have given people tremendous value and information while expanding their reach and influence.

Here is why Webinars rock.

1) You can do it from home – Not that I am going to be in my pyjamas (or maybe I will! Don’t hold me to that), but it’s comfortable and great to have less travel time or costs.

2) Huge Scalability – Webinars have way more scale potential than any other method. Think about it. I may have only 10 or 20 in the beginning. But if I keep delivering value, then more will come. The biggest live audience I ever had was 1,000 people. With a webinar I can eventually have 100,000 people. Okay, that’s Wembley stadium. But the point is, it’s limitless.

3) Better control because it’s your control – One of the challenges of going somewhere else to speak managing everything, from content direction, to tech and logistics. Once I get into a rhythm, it’s going to be that much easier.

4) Easier Accessibility – I always try to make my talk accessible. Often when I speak, there are people in the audience who don’t get a chance to ask a question or they don’t feel comfortable seeing me afterwards, especially when I am surrounded by people who have questions. I can make myself accessible comfortably for as long as I want AND I can capture any and all questions for later. Even better, if someone misses your webinar, you can send them a link to watch it again.

SO….I am ready to try my first webinar. I may not get it right, but I will learn and grow. Are you ready to try one with me and join in? I hope so.

Here are my first 3 Free Webinars happening TODAY, TOMORROW and NEXT WEEKBobby Free Webinar v2

1) “7 Secrets to an Elite 700+ GMAT Score” ~ Many of you know I have been teaching GMAT to thousands of potential MBA students and I am an international author of a GMAT book. Well everyone wants to know how to get a top score, so I’m sharing my 7 best secrets TONIGHT at 9pm ET. Interested? Register here.

2) “How to Land Your First TEDx Talk” ~ I have done 4 (that’s right, F-O-U-R) TEDx talks. I get asked alot how I made this happen. So I am going to share that in another webinar starting TOMOROW May 21. Do you have a big idea that you would love to share with the world? Is it one of your dreams to do a TED talk? Register here.

3) “How to Be Memorable at Any Event” ~ I wrote a book last year on ‘How to Network Anytime‘ with my 3d-webfriend Ryan Coelho. I also recently put together a new 12-week program called Networking Mastery. This May 28 Webinar takes some of the best ideas from these two projects and delivers some specific tactics and strategies to help you gain confidence, trust and impact. If you are interested, just sign up for the 2nd Webinar above and you will get an e-mail to register for it later. Or you can wait until I announce the registration early next week on my FB page or Twitter.

As I always say, the first step to generating value is to create tremendous value for others. I hope you find this valuable. Let me know your thoughts and comments. I know I would value them.

5 Ways to Waste your Summer

Five Ways to Waste Your Summer

SUMMER! School lets out, offices turn into patios, and short drives turn into long walks. Things slow down, and I’ll bet that you had some serious plans to take advantage of the extra time:

Re-connect with friends! Have fun! Workout towards that beach bod! Crank up your professional image! Network your ass off!

We’re well past the midway point of summer now. If you’ve stuck to all of your sky-high ambitions, then feel free to stop reading, or better yet read on to know thy enemy. This article contains surefire ways to waste the rest of your summer, and the last thing we’d want is to corrupt your otherwise perfect summer, so reader beware.

To all the time wasting pros, forge onward! We’ll even allude to a few productive uses for each of these time wasters in case you ever feel like making a change.

5)  Reddit

Reddit can be a productive source of information. It can be a great source of world news and international perspective. It can also be a good way to gain feedback on your own ideas. But that’s only if you can dodge all the puppy pics and memes, and limit your consumption times (if you spend longer than you would on a morning paper, it’s too long).

Reddit’s a cool way to waste time, because it’s all user generated, and with such a large user base, there’s always more to browse. Reddit is particularly special, because it makes you feel like one of the world-wise and internet savvy elite. Not only does Reddit make you feel superior to all of those internet-inepts, but it also makes you feel like a superior time waster.

For those a little lost, here’s a quick breakdown: Because Reddit often serves as an original source of content for other sites like 9gag, a lot of Redditors think that somehow, this makes their time spent browsing memes more productive.

Way to make people feel good about wasting time Reddit!


I only waste time on 9Gag… ironically.










4)   ‘Faux-Network’

Professional networking can be productive, and it is absolutely essential to professional development and progression. But don’t fret time wasters, because here’s the cool part about networking: it just means connecting with people. Went to a house party last week? Networking. Get some hot dude or chick’s number? Networking. Mid-day stop in at the office pub? Networking!

This kind of networking is definitely not productive to your profession. While anything can fall under the category of networking, building your professional network involves creating meaningful, mutually beneficial connections with people in your industry. Doing anything else, and calling it professional networking is a perfect way to waste your workday.


Crash your car and exchange info with the other driver? Yeah, sure, let’s count that: Networking!











3)  Facebook

Aaah. Facebook, the king of social networking. By virtue of its vast user base and functions, you can see what all of your friends are doing, all of the time (creepy, eh?). And here’s the thing about summer: everyone is doing something.

Seeing your friends do cool stuff can be a great motivator to get off the couch and do your own awesome things. But with so many friends doing so many things, it’s easier just to live vicariously through them.

If you want to waste your summer, the easiest way to do it is to spend every spare “I’m bored” moment checking your news feed for updates.

That’s not to say Facebook isn’t useful. It can be great for informing yourself, connecting authentically, and staying in touch with people in other parts of the world. But let’s face it, when even TIME Magazine tells you it may be a bad idea to waste time on there, it’s probably a bad idea. Translation: time wasters, go wild!


Went to three concerts in two cities, got published in a magazines, a newspaper and a research journal, and I got engaged at the Yankees game last night. Didn’t get off the couch.












2)   Television

There is probably not a single more satisfying way to waste your time than with hours upon hours of mindless TV. Desk jockey by day, avid crime fighter (watcher) by night, it’s the perfect dull life combo. TV can be a great way to educate yourself – yes, believe it or not, channels like Discovery and the History channel do still exist – but somehow, I suspect most of you couldn’t tell me what number those channels rest on. Instead, most people watch mindless reality TV and blitz through entire drama series in the course of a weekend.

It’s not productive, and wastes your time in the glamorized lives of TV starts and fictional characters. It’s not healthy either, especially once you add your mid-meal fatty, salty, delicious snack.


Not now ma! I just started the 26th episode of Honey Boo Boo and shit’s about to get real!












1)  Stay up late

Nothing says unproductive like living in Canada on Chinese Standard Time. Want to waste your summer away? Just make sure you’re only cognizant while the rest of the city is asleep. Want to waste even more time? Try combining this technique with any of the others. Whether it’s via Reddit, Faux-Networking, Facebook or TV, staying up late to waste time is the worst possible way to do so. It kills the time you’re using, and renders the rest of your sleepy-eyed time less productive than it otherwise would be.


Stay up late and you will crash. Hard. Golden lab hard.

That’s it. Want to waste the rest of your summer? Now you know how.

We’re just approaching the last few weeks point now, and the choice of what to do with yourself is yours! You can waste away the final few weeks in these satisfying sinkholes, or you can steer clear of traps and make the most of your summer. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to start now!

The Power of Stories

FBpic-StoryTellingStorytelling is how I connect. I invest in your story by finding out all I can about you, creating an environment of openness, trust and honesty. Once I know your story then I am happy to share mine. Sometimes, I have to share my story first in order to get you to share yours, but it’s a great investment because the ROI is huge and you also get ROR, which is Return on Relationship.

Storytelling is applicable to all aspects of our lives because it makes us relatable, authentic and human. In today’s new leadership paradigm, the leader is someone who is capable of sharing vulnerability and sharing personal stories because we need to invest in the stories of the people we lead.

One of the questions I got in a job interview was to talk about a challenge. I could have used a work-related example. Instead, I shared the ups and downs of having a mixed marriage, dealing with cultural, parental, and family gaps and how I made it a success. Instead of isolating myself, the entire panel could relate. Why? Because almost everyone has either dealt with mixed relationships or knows someone who has and we all deal with the parental gap at times. It takes courage to share, but it also shows there is so much more to me than what is on my resume. I got the job!

I use Storytelling to share my business vision and mission, because I was once a ‘lost’ leader who discovered his true path of passion and purpose. I now help people find theirs. When I share this story it makes sense to people and that is the ultimate benefit of stories — it about trying to make sense of our experiences and relate it to the human condition. I use storytelling in speeches, in personal conversation and I even use them in interviews. I am not afraid to share a personal story because our lives, whether professional, academic or social, are personal to us!

Know that every person has a story, a need to belong to something and create a story for themselves that is bigger than who they are. So if you invest in people’s stories and think about your own story and how it relates, you will eventually create impact, resulting in a legacy. So know your story and share it. What will your story, and your legacy, be?


**Special Note: I’m pleased to announce the following regarding Stories:

We’re on a mission. Our mission is to discover, develop and inspire leadership in Gen Y & Gen X.

We’re about to launch a whole new set of Vlogs this summer. But this time, we’re going to get YOU involved and share your stories too! Check this link out!


You need social media now like you needed e-mail then

VintageSocialNetworkingI recently read one of best social media posts ever. Ironically it was about avoiding social media for a year. The article is

“I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet” (link here: http://vrge.co/10smvtW)

Why? Well because there are a still a few who rage against the advent of technology and especially social networking. I keep trying to explain it by always using my e-mail story. The hesitance to embrace social networking reminds me about how I was about e-mail (yes there was a time we didn’t have the Internet or e-mail, I was in University!)

When e-mail first came around, I refused to take it on. After all, I told people “Well, I’ll just visit and call people, I don’t need this e-mail to stay in touch and have my close personal friends, etc”.  When I finally did take on e-mail, probably 2 years later than most, I was already behind.

Here is why the article is relevant and fascinating! I’ve always maintained that the reason I took on e-mail begrudgingly back in 1993 was because:
1) It was very convenient (better than our tactic of “phone trees” to reschedule a big meeting)
2) It had mass appeal (penetration had hit more than 20%)
3) It was how most people were communicating and connecting about everything (Personal lives, professional, political, social, events, ideas, etc)
4) If I wasn’t on it , eventually I was out of the loop or it was harder to stay in the loop.

So when Facebook and other social media connection sites showed up, the same principles applied and I became an early adopter.

Now the challenge is that there is so much out there andso much fragmentation (including texts and mobile) of communication and connection points, so you have to pick and choose how in or out you want to be.  When I announced the birth of my son Nyal, I e-mailed everyone and shared on Facebook. When my daughter Ryah was born I only posted on Facebook and soon found out most didn’t know. The only way for me to reach everyone was to do everything.

Whether it was the Internet, E-mails, Napster, MSN messenger, Facebook, Twitter, cells, smartphones, and text messages, it ultimately comes down to how you want to connect, who you want to connect and which connections matter. But the most important question is Why. This article sums up very nicely.

The truth is, we all long for and need connection, to share our lives and engage in others lives. For now social networking is the best way for us to realize it.