Bobby’s team building exercises were excellent! He was able to break us out of our comfort zones and foster collaboration, risk-taking and trust, and motivate us to accomplish our goals. It was really enlightening to see how he pieced our varied approaches back to the business. His insights into our business and the way we operate were bang-on. Bobby’s initiatives were extremely valuable and an inspiration. Can’t wait to have him back!”

Bobby’s teambuilding and motivational skills are beyond any I have encountered in the many leadership programs, team workshops and conferences I have attended throughout my youth and early adulthood. Bobby’s greatest strength is his ability to identify those students who require that extra incitement to act. Upon meeting Bobby at Shad Valley 2003, Bobby immediately recognized my strengths and weaknesses, and helped me to gain confidence to be part of the team and voice my ideas and opinions. Bobby’s energy and verbal encouragement is a catalyst for student action.”

Bobby Umar is an outstanding innovator and team player. He demonstrates all of the attributes of a leader. I have also witnessed Bobby’s unique ability to bring disparate members of an audience together for group improvisation exercises. He is highly approachable with an engaging presence.”

As a group leader, Bobby excels in thinking on the spot, especially when confronted with tough decisions, and is able to put people at ease with his caring nature. He is a self-motivated, creative person who is not afraid to take risks, as is evidenced in his theatrical undertakings. He speaks with confidence and in doing so, can catch the attention of even large groups, and make them listen to him. He is also a great listener and is not afraid to sit back and listen when others have ideas to express.”

Overall, Bobby is a very warm, kind and caring man. He is gentle with those people who may require a little extra attention, but can laugh and joke around with the more outgoing people. He is responsive to people’s needs and has an endearing personality that draws people to him immediately. He is both a teacher and a motivator, stressing enjoyment as a key to any learning experience.”

Bobby is an engaging, commanding and inspiring person whose leadership skills are imparted with ease, and a sense of fun.  He makes true the saying that ‘it is not the destination that counts, but the journey’.”

I met Bobby Umar in the summer of 1999, and he remains a huge influence in my life to this day. He has added to our program in MANY ways. He is especially adept at implementing fun, interactive and meaningful activities to bring groups together. His icebreakers, teambuilding activities, workshops and speeches have been successful at Shad Valley campuses at McMaster University, Acadia University and University of British Columbia.  Furthermore, his positive, caring, attitude and ‘make it work’ philosophy are inspiring to students and staff alike. We look forward to having Bobby back again!”

Bobby is a great blessing. He is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered in my adult learning experience. With his outstanding sense of humour, he was not only able to connect with his students, but also to help students connect to one another. His commitment to our understanding was evidential. He was committed to answering all the questions we had. He also willingly shared his business school/career experiences with us. I sincerely hope that he will continue to inspire his future students. Go Bobby go!”

Bobby is an incredible leader who was an imperative part of my Shad Valley experience. His formal speeches and workshops brimmed with valuable lessons and great insight, coinciding seamlessly with his daily positive energy and optimism. He held large lectures and icebreakers with all of the delegates; yet managed to build and maintain a personal relationship with each and every participant. I fully recommend anyone to take the opportunity to experience the “power of Bobby” and the wisdom he brings from his unique life story. His motto, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” epitomizes the pro-active, committed approach he takes to life.”

Bawe-b’EH, as he is known in Scotland, is a Renaissance Man. He is also one of the best judges of character and social dynamics I’ve ever met. My guess is that his Emotional Intellgence Quotient is in the genius range. Bawe-b’EH could be quite dangerous, but characteristically, he chose to use his powers for good and not evil.”

Bobby is the bomb. He has more ability to motivate a group and help them bond in his little finger alone than ten motivational speakers put together. Sincere, warm, insightful, multi-talented… and he can cook!”

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