DYPB15 – The ultimate give-back project starts Aug 14-15 in Toronto

Holy moly! DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand is just 2 DAYS AWAY!! Have you got your tickets yet?  This is the biggest summer leadership event in Toronto and now the largest gathering of personal branding experts in North America. Join 450 leaders, 60 experts for 8 keynotes, 8 workshops and 8 panels on Aug 14-15 in Toronto, Canada. 

Here is the FULL PROGRAM so you can see how frickin’ AMAZING the line-up is.

REGISTER NOW: http://www.dypb.ca



Sara Lynn Cauchon: Friday night Featured talk

Sean O’Shea: “Easy Emails, Saving Souls and a Fire Extinguisher”

Bobby Umar: “Why Are We Here? Deliriously Happy Personal Branding. Fight For Your Life!”

Calvin Strachan: “The Ultimate Engagement Icebreaker”

Scott Oldford: “Your Inner Value”

Carolyn Van: “Breaking Personal Branding Rules”

Billy Anderson: “Courage to rock your brand”

J.T. O’Donnell: “3 Reasons You Should Care About Personal Branding”

Sean Gardner: Saturday closing Featured talk



Wright Thurston: How to Earn An Extra $100,000 a Year in Public Speaking

Nicholas Kusmich: How to Dominate Your Industry and Build a 7 Figure Personal Brand Using Facebook

Kylie and Jonathan: Play to Win: The Impact of Personal Style on Your Brands Bottom Line

Jan Keck & Natalia Kantor: How to Make Your Personal Brand Look F*Cking Amazing On Camera

Jim Pagiamtzis: The A-Z in Email Marketing Strategies That Define Your Brand

Stephanie Joanne: Breaking Into the Media to Build Your Empire as a Personal Brand

Bobby Umar: Building a Monster Thought Leadership Brand With Social Media & Networking

Sean Howard: Building a Personal Brand to Change The World



Friday Night Personal Brand Leadership All-Stars: Drew Dudley, Saul Colt, Sean Gardner, Sara Lynn Cauchon, Paula Coop McRory, Bobby Umar

Start-Ups/Entrepreneurs: Razeghi (Moderator), Jenny McKaig, Katia Millar, Melissa Ramos, Scott Oldford, James Erdt, Leyla

Non-Profit/Social Enterprise: Theresa Laurico (moderator), Leigh Mitchell, Doina Oncel, Melyssa Moniz, Kurtis Vermont, Michael Bach

Social Media: Bilal Jaffrey, Cammi Pham, Beau Pinto, Jagneet Singh, Ash Silva (Moderator)

Love & Dating: Natalia Juarez (co-moderator), Gary Wilson (co-moderator), Carmelia Ray, Michael, Santonato, Lesley Edwards, Scott DeStephanis

Millennials: Daniel Francavilla (Moderator), Gwen Elliot, Matt Tod, Kal Mokhtarzada, Anita Wing Lee, Hamza Khan

Corporate/Recruiters: Tania DeSa (Moderator), Arthur Field, Jill Fagan, Jeff Waldman, Lina Duque, Inthida Ngeth

Media: Rania Walker (Moderator), Becky Coles, Kate Wheeler, Don Jonescu, Sean O’Shea, Zuraidah Alman



Friday, Aug 14

5:30 PM: Networking & Registration

6:30 PM: Welcome & Sponsor Recognition

6:45 PM: Speaker: Sara Lynn Cauchon

7:00 PM: Panel: Personal Brand Leadership All-Stars

8:30 PM: Speaker: Sean O’Shea

8:45 PM: Contests & Closing

9:00 PM: Networking

9:30 PM: After party at the Madison


Saturday, Aug 15

8:00 AM: Registration & Networking

9:00 AM: Welcome & Opening: Bobby Umar

9:15 AM: Icebreaker: Calvin Strachan

9:35 AM: Speaker: Scott Oldford

9:50 AM: Speaker: Carolyn Van

10:15 AM: Workshops & Panels

11:35 AM: Networking

11:50 AM: Speaker: Billy Anderson

12:10 PM: Speaker: J.T. O’Donnell

12:30 PM: Lunch Break

1:30 PM: Workshops & Panels

2:45 PM: Networking

3:00 PM: Workshops & Panels

4:40 PM: Housekeeping/Contests

5:10 PM: Speaker: Sean Gardner

5:40 PM: Closing: Bobby Umar

6:00 PM: Networking


REGISTER NOW: http://www.dypb.ca

Use my code BobbyUVIP40 to save 40% off. Only $85 for regular tickets and $65 for students. Incredible value for 2 days.



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