My First Foray into Free Webinars For Folks

I’ve done Lunch n’ Learns. I’ve done free live seminars11224329_961496873884458_6818171820279797424_n. I’ve done thousands of coffees. But now I am heading into a new arena of business. They are called Webinars.

I am slowly realizing the power of scale, reach and accessibility. The other ones above that I mentioned are great for creating connection, sharing knowledge, building brand awareness and thought leadership, generating business leads and more. But webinars, as I am learning from some of the best content experts in the world, is a great way to go. These experts include people like Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Marie Forleo — entrepreneurs who have given people tremendous value and information while expanding their reach and influence.

Here is why Webinars rock.

1) You can do it from home – Not that I am going to be in my pyjamas (or maybe I will! Don’t hold me to that), but it’s comfortable and great to have less travel time or costs.

2) Huge Scalability – Webinars have way more scale potential than any other method. Think about it. I may have only 10 or 20 in the beginning. But if I keep delivering value, then more will come. The biggest live audience I ever had was 1,000 people. With a webinar I can eventually have 100,000 people. Okay, that’s Wembley stadium. But the point is, it’s limitless.

3) Better control because it’s your control – One of the challenges of going somewhere else to speak managing everything, from content direction, to tech and logistics. Once I get into a rhythm, it’s going to be that much easier.

4) Easier Accessibility – I always try to make my talk accessible. Often when I speak, there are people in the audience who don’t get a chance to ask a question or they don’t feel comfortable seeing me afterwards, especially when I am surrounded by people who have questions. I can make myself accessible comfortably for as long as I want AND I can capture any and all questions for later. Even better, if someone misses your webinar, you can send them a link to watch it again.

SO….I am ready to try my first webinar. I may not get it right, but I will learn and grow. Are you ready to try one with me and join in? I hope so.

Here are my first 3 Free Webinars happening TODAY, TOMORROW and NEXT WEEKBobby Free Webinar v2

1) “7 Secrets to an Elite 700+ GMAT Score” ~ Many of you know I have been teaching GMAT to thousands of potential MBA students and I am an international author of a GMAT book. Well everyone wants to know how to get a top score, so I’m sharing my 7 best secrets TONIGHT at 9pm ET. Interested? Register here.

2) “How to Land Your First TEDx Talk” ~ I have done 4 (that’s right, F-O-U-R) TEDx talks. I get asked alot how I made this happen. So I am going to share that in another webinar starting TOMOROW May 21. Do you have a big idea that you would love to share with the world? Is it one of your dreams to do a TED talk? Register here.

3) “How to Be Memorable at Any Event” ~ I wrote a book last year on ‘How to Network Anytime‘ with my 3d-webfriend Ryan Coelho. I also recently put together a new 12-week program called Networking Mastery. This May 28 Webinar takes some of the best ideas from these two projects and delivers some specific tactics and strategies to help you gain confidence, trust and impact. If you are interested, just sign up for the 2nd Webinar above and you will get an e-mail to register for it later. Or you can wait until I announce the registration early next week on my FB page or Twitter.

As I always say, the first step to generating value is to create tremendous value for others. I hope you find this valuable. Let me know your thoughts and comments. I know I would value them.