“Learning to Fly as a Leader”

Learning to Fly (an excerpt from my 4th TEDx Talk)

Have you ever wisImagehed you could fly? What does it really mean to fly? To me flying is about soaring to new heights to take in a different view of the world. And it’s thrilling, it’s exhilarating, because this is what life really should be. And you discover new destinations as you go from one place to the next to the next. That to me is what flying is all about.  My rules, my vision, my plan, my path.

So my idea today is that you should not only learn to stand, walk and run. But that you should also learn how to fly — soar to new heights, seek new destinations and become a better person. I want to share with you 5 outrageous tips

1)      LOOK TO FAIL: all the best business leaders out there who have done amazing things have all failed miserably. Why? Because they were able to embrace the idea of failure.

2)      GO AWAY AND GET LOST: Immerse yourself in experiences that create diversity and independent living. Independent living leads to more independent thought, ideas and action.

3)      PICK A FIGHT: What are you passionate about? How much are you willing to fight for it? The hardest thing in the world is to turn nay-sayers to yes-sayers. You have to be willing to understand who you are and fight for it. You have to fight for your life. If you don’t fight for it, who will?

4)      STAY SELF-ABSORBED: This is all about interpersonally intelligence and development. The best leaders know who they are, know what they stand for and know where they want to go. It’s a big part of personal branding, it’s a big part of connection. So you should invest in who you are first before you invest in others as a leader.

5)      GET A LIFE. NOW:  Your own life as a leader started when you left the nest for the first time. Most of us follow a path defined by other people — our parents, friends, organizations or by society. Once you start defining your success you start defining your life, and you own it. It becomes yours. But I also say you should start now. There is no ‘after school’. A lot of people, they WAIT to start life. “Okay, I’ll finish my degree, and then I’ll do my masters and then I’ll start my life” or “I’ll just do this or work at this job for a bit and then I’ll start my life”. No, your life has already started! It’s now, it’s happening. So what are you doing about it?

Leaders are neither born nor made only. You were all born to be made into leaders. So take that leadership course, define your own path, take audacious risks, continue to learn and move onward and upward. Great leaders can fly, because they do what other people say they can’t do, and they soar to new heights they haven’t seen before. Finally, when you teach other leaders to fly, then you all fly together. That’s when you change the world.

Here is the link to my original and 4th TEDx Talk on Youtube: http://bit.ly/15pCYXF

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