Guest Blog – Why you need to GYST

1044501_10200243498305454_966603734_nProject GYST (Get Your Sh!t Together), is an initiative by Raeallan, whose mission is to inspire leadership in generations X and Y!

GYST offers YOU the chance to share your story or your advice on how you tackle certain situations, issues or topics. You can do this by creating a blog post, vlog, or infographic that details how you GYST on that week’s topic. Raeallan releases a new topic to GYST on every two weeks.

So, we get awesome content. What’s in it for you?

The best post is shared across all our media platforms. This means there are over 100,000 people getting exposed to your creation, whether it’s writing, photography, graphic design or video. Additionally, Raeallan will give you two free tickets to our next event. These events generally connect the best and brightest of the GTA, and tickets are always tough to access. Finally, the winner will receive an hour-long personal brand coaching session. This means that the session can cover whatever you need most, from resume editing to creating a social media presence, and everything in-between.

When I got involved with Raeallan as an intern, this was the project that caught my attention. I often tell my friends “I need to get my shit together”. What does that really mean? To me, it means that I had to figure out how to manage my time and prioritize my passions to make the most out of my high school experience. GYST means something different to everyone and that’s why the project is so unique. It allows us to explore a wide variety of topics and offer our unique perspective on them.

Since the project was launched, we have done six different topics and we aren’t stopping yet! The topics range from summer connections, to leadership opportunities and more. Each topic resulted in diverse submissions, some which made us laugh, others that made us go “awww”, and others that just made us think about a situation differently. It’s pretty special when people can learn from your mistakes and experiences.

I am super excited to be working on this project because I get to pick the topics, make the videos, read the amazing entries and get to say “get your shit together” a few times a week! Project GYST has an immense amount of potential and I can’t wait to see where it goes. So, until next time, good luck, and GYST!

— Abeera Shahid

Abeera is a business development intern for Raeallan who is heading the strategy and development behind Project GYST. If you want to connect with her, please check out her Linkedin profile here.