Impressions from a Virgin Co-host (#PoCchat)

Impressions from a Virgin Co-host – Autumn AndersonOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hi. Bobby has asked me to share my thoughts with you, after co-hosting the #PoCchat on “Dealing with Today’s Economy” on Monday. The full content can be seen in this Storify link:

My immediate thought at the end: Wow! The chat was fast, intense, in focus. Bobby had said it would be too fast to read all of the tweets. That was a huge understatement.  There were so many insightful things being said, and so many different ways to interpret and respond to a question. It was overwhelming, in the very best and most positive sense of the word.  It was a bit like riding my skateboard down Alta Street hill as a kid, praying for no cars and rocks in the road, and loving every minute of it.

It was also at times clear, fresh, and exhilarating, like the cold crisp air up in the Sierras.  The chat was beautifully organized. Bobby is the perfect wingman to have by your side when trying something new. But what struck me the most in this way was the clarity of the participants.

@JoanneGuidoccio A1: Mixed bag…Some are cautious while others adopt Scarlett O’Hara’s philosophy of postponing reality.

@loismarketing If you’re really smart and truly committed, a down economy can bring the best opportunities! For biz and for investments #pocchat A3.

@NatriceR a3 #PoCchat dealing w/challenges of economy can create pride in surviving challenges creates bonds in communities #connect

It was also warm, diverse, connected. There were many points of agreement, and many differences. People looked at where we are, and offered ideas on how to move forward.

@Essvari A4. Today’s economy made home-based biz a reality. We are able to market,sell a service/product to just about anywhr on earth #PoCchat

Essvari, saying we are able to…

@douglaserice Reality: our economy is a new norm. We shouldn’t ask, why can’t it be as good as it was? We should ask, how can we make it better?

Douglas, saying we should ask…

@raehanbobby A7: If we can all think of 5 people to help and we all reach out this week, imagine what change we can create! #PoCchat #leadership

Bobby, saying we can create!

That is the heart of it all, for me. The true Power of Connection. The reason I jump in whenever I am online and see #PoCchat trending.

The other things that it was for me happened before the chat began, you see. Two weeks before, in fact. I had been dealing with the economy in my international business, and reading The Economist and books like The Unwinding, about the US economy. I was pondering what could be done about jobs, and infrastructure, and similar matters.

I hopped on Twitter, and #PoCchat was trending, and I responded to a couple of you. Then I was just reading the thoughtful, creative, powerful things that were being said, and thinking “I wonder what could happen if this particular group of people could turn their thoughts to these large issues of the economy, because the usual players (government, big banks, etc) do not seem to be making the necessary moves.”

It was serendipity. It was almost magic. Because that was the very moment that Bobby tweeted and asked if I would like to co-host. I felt like he could read my thoughts right across Twitter. And so it began.

Thank you for coming, those of you who were there. Many great “we” things were brought up. I only had room for a few here. But just as I felt before, that maybe it was up to us, now I feel as strongly that we can make a huge difference, and I have the hope that we will.

It was lovely. Thanks to all of you for your generosity of spirit.

Be well.


Autumn Anderson is a writer, researcher and runs a market research firm. She co-hosted the Power of Connection chat, Monday August 26, 11am EDT. The topic was “Dealing with Today’s Economy”. You can find Autumn on Twitter @autumnanderson. #PoCchat is a weekly tweetchat on Connection as it pertains to Leadership, Relationships and Development.

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