“6 Tips to Generate Interest in Pinterest!”

Here is new guest blogpost by Raeallan team member Jenny Xu on Pinterest!

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Top 6 Tactics to Generate Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular content-sharing social media platform with more than 48 million users; Forbes lists it as the third largest social media site. The company is worth over $2.5 billion dollars and is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. However, many people overlook its usefulness as a marketing tool. More online consumers have found an item on Pinterest they wanted to purchase than any other social networking site.

Here are 6 tips to help you enhance your brand using Pinterest.

1. Share and Use Links

Connect your Pinterest to your company website. You can add a “Pin it” widget to your page so users can click the button and share your products on Pinterest.

Share your pin boards on your Facebook profile or Facebook page. This strategy will allow your social media profiles to drive traffic to each other. Martha Stewart uses this strategy. Check out her Facebook page and her Pinterest page.

Another useful way to use links is by creating pins with a catchy title such as “How to Land a Job in 2 Easy Steps” and then placing a click-through button in the description to your website. This easily drives traffic to your website.

2. Use Keywords

Use hashtags that contain keywords to your pins to improve searchability. Just having nice posts won’t be enough if people can’t find them. Make boards that are keyword-rich by using descriptive titles. Anthropologie is a good example of a pinner that utilizes hashtags and keywords in their pin descriptions. Conduct a little bit of research on what people are pinning and searching to increase your popularity.

3. Be Social!

It’s a social media site, use it accordingly! Follow other users, repin, like, comment on pins, and invite people to pin to your boards. By doing this, you bring more exposure to yourself. It’s about reciprocation, by repinning from other users, they are more likely to repin from you; so give to others what you want to receive from them. It is important to be genuine, never try to promote yourself in threads. Similar to other social media sites, you can tag users in your pin descriptions so they will be notified that you mentioned them in a post. An important aspect of marketing your business on social media is to make yourself relatable; be human, people will feel more inclined to repin content they can relate to.

4. Pin Strategically, but Pin Often

You may be tempted to post all your products, don’t do it! Choose the ones you feel will engage the most people and pin those, you want people to feel like they are gaining something from your pins or else they won’t want to follow you. Pin things such as tips, tutorials, interesting tidbits, or products from other companies. Have a little variation in your pins, since users are less likely to follow you if you are clearly marketing only your own products. People want to follow accounts that will provide value to them.

Use boards– so now you’re wondering, what is a board?  A board organizes pins into categories. Imagine your room with six bulletin boards; board one has pictures of Justin Bieber (if you Beliebe) , board two has your receipts, board three has your photos, and so on and so forth. Pinterest boards are similar because you create unique boards for related content.  So, create individual boards, join boards created by other pinners and actively contribute to them.

5. Catch the User’s Attention.

Your graphics should be eye-catching because the aesthetics catches the viewers attention. However, it’s the value of the content which will encourage a person to share your pin. Infographics are a popular form of graphics on Pinterest and are incredibly useful because you can pack a lot of information onto an infographic, making it a great tool to market a product or service. You can also pin videos!

6. Measure your Performance

Pinterest offers a free analytics service to business pages. It tracks activity such as:

  • How many people are pinning from your website

  • Whether your pins are being repinned and how often

  • How much traffic your website receives from Pinterest

  • What your impressions are like

The number of pins from your website is the most critical. From this metric you can tell people are engaged on both your website and Pinterest profile.

Another tool is Reachli, which is free to users, it tracks the effectiveness of your pins. The tool makes visual content marketing easy and is a great tool to have especially for small businesses looking to build their outreach.

Using analytics is important because it helps to determine engagement and the value Pinterest is providing to your busin

Obviously using Pinterest as a marketing tool works better for some businesses than others. Companies in the Food and Fashion industry with products that have visual attraction are more popular on Pinterest. However, companies with less visually attractive content face a tougher challenge to engage viewers. Using infographics is a great strategy to condense large text pieces into visually appealing graphics. The challenges to gain success on Pinterest should not discourage you from giving it a shot. Test it out, try different strategies, use these tips as guidelines and see if it works out for you.

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