Intern or Business Development Manager? I can be BOTH! (Guest blog)

From time to time I let guest blogs write for my site. I always encourage my interns to start sharing their ideas. Here is one from my intern Shreya, who came up with this blog post all on her own. I was at first a bit concerned about sharing how much she lauds me and my company, so this in fact is the ‘toned down’ version, but I did want to encourage her to speak from the heart. So here she goes…



Intern or Business Development Manager? I can be BOTH! – Shreya Chaudhury


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

This is a quote I came across not too long ago, and it stuck to me. While finishing up my undergrad, I often wondered what my future had in store for me. I slowly started applying to jobs and last week, I accepted an internship position as a Business Development Manager for Raeallan. This was my start. This was the start of me creating that future that I envisioned.

Monday marked my first day at work, and I was in love.

I have never been an intern before, so I was a little nervous about the expectations. But now that I have a good feel about the company and people, I am thrilled to have joined the team!

The orientation allowed me to not only grasp President Bobby Umar’s vision and mission for Raeallan, but also the great people I would be working with to accomplish that. Bobby is a strong believer about connections and this internship will give me multiple networking opportunities through the execution of various social media campaigns and business development projects. Networking is a crucial part of any job today as making contacts allows one to build professional relationships and increase confidence. If that’s not enough, you also learn from the experience and master your business pitch or personal brand. Each connection you make can lead you to another connection or perhaps another career opportunity. I have already met wonderful individuals at Network Orange, and cannot wait to meet more!

Being a communications major, I am using my knowledge and skills learned in the past four years to real life situations in Raeallan. All projects involved are very hands-on which allows interns to gain valuable work experience. This experience provides me with the skills and knowledge needed for me to develop my career and secure a fulltime job in September.

Personally, this internship is more than anything I could have asked for. It is allowing me to be part of social media campaigns and write pitches for popular TV channels!

If this is a glimpse of what I will continue doing my whole life, then I am in the perfect profession.

I have a thorough understanding of our Mission (to discover, inspire and develop Leadership in Gen Y & Gen X) and am honored to be project lead while providing support on the planning and execution to the other interns. This position gives me that responsibility where I get to manage the other interns right from the start while also have a boss figure above me. I am that middle-man that overlooks all projects while having my own projects to work on. It can get quite tricky but I know I can handle it!

Internships can be seen as stepping-stones to finding that dream job as many employers consider internship experience in the hiring process. Often companies look at their own interns as the best potential candidates for full-time positions.  With this internship I hope to develop new technical and professional skills that will help increase my competitive advantage over other candidates while seeking for full-time employment. As I write this pitch for Rogers TV, I am hoping that Raeallan gets accepted to air and I can make special appearances whenever Gen Y is discussed. This internship can easily be the stepping-stone to my acting career, haha. But in all seriousness, it is pushing me forward to reach my aspirations.

I love being a new intern for Raeallan. I am intrigued by the projects and am motivated to get the work done to see the results and success! I love the talented team I am working with and am excited to see the outcomes of our creative projects.


One thought on “Intern or Business Development Manager? I can be BOTH! (Guest blog)

  1. Hey Shreya, great post. Congrats on your new internship. In terms of acting, I don’t know much about it. But several people have told me about Second City’s Improv classes.

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