I lead, you lead, we all cruise together – Alaskan cruise anyone?

Do you love to discover amazing trips and travel?

Join us for an Alaskan Cruise with Leadership Development workshops by Bobby Umar - http://bit.ly/OrzvzZ

Join us for an Alaskan Cruise with Leadership Development workshops by Bobby Umar – http://bit.ly/OrzvzZ

Do you love to discover your Leadership traits and potential?

Do you love travelling with a group with the same passion for travel and leadership?

Have you ever been to Alaska or on a cruise?

When I first heard about this idea by the group that approached me, it seemed so distant to even think about it. But I thought it was pretty cool, since most tour groups for cruises like to have added value. Now however, the deadline is approaching to book my friends and follow colleagues on this adventure. So I thought I would share with you – What do I find so appealing about it?

Well, I figured a vacation is a great way to get several different groups together. Who doesn’t love a reunion? We are only at sea during the day for 2 days, so for both days, I’ll do a morning session on Leadership, Personality Assessments and Personal Branding. This will take up only two mornings from 9am-12noon. After that, we are all socializing, partying, celebrating, discussing, journeying together for 7 days. I love the idea of giving people access to me and I get the same from you. The best leadership events I have been to last a long time (like a weekend, week, or even a month!), allowing for deeper discussion and reflection.  This, to me is the best aspect of the trip.

I hope you’ll join us. Please see the details below and register now.

The facebook invite is here: http://on.fb.me/11V3iGb

Register here: http://bit.ly/OrzvzZ


Join us for an incredible week August 25th to Sept 1 as we present “Discover the Leader in You” on an Alaskan Cruise!

Bobby Umar’s Leadership Seminar at Sea is aimed at people seeking re-discover and understand their leadership brand, and those aspiring to move into leadership roles.

Leadership, now more than ever, is a quality that all companies look for and develop. But now Leadership is something that transcends all parts of your professional AND personal lives. All too often, senior corporate leaders come across as uninspiring, methodical people who hold the qualifications but not the ability to get the best out of their teams, friends and family.

In Bobby’s Leadership Seminar at Sea, you will learn how to engage, motivate and inspire your co-workers, colleagues, friends and family. You will do this by learning about personality types, group dynamics, personal branding leadership and effective communication through 2 half-day session of lectures, discussions and interactive workshops.

The rest of the time, Bobby will make himself accessible to you for the full 7 days as we travel the west coast.

Our low-priced group rate will end in 2 weeks! So you need to make a decision and book ASAP! Register here: http://bit.ly/OrzvzZ

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