Remembering Dec 6, 1989

I remember this day because I was in Montreal that day, in my 2nd year at McGill. We were in exam season and when the news broke out people couldn’t believe it. There was shock and there was fear. Most of us in residence didn’t want to leave or walk late at night.

They cancelled exams the next day for all schools in town. I also remember many vigils and many people coming out to speak against this and to show support for the victims.

I remember each year when there were anniversary remembrances of this event. How many people were upset that we all could remember the name of Marc Lepine but not the names of the victims, so all efforts were made to focus on their names, as the photo below shows.

I remember that I was only 18 and this was one of the first times I was truly exposed to such horrific violence against women. Many of my friends were women (and still are today) and I had dozens of conversations that taught me so much about the need for awareness and support. To this day, I try to be a champion of equality for all and hope for a day when I’ll feel perfectly comfortable that my female friends, colleagues, my mother, my sister, my wife and my daughter are safe.

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