Keeping my promise to my now 2-year old daughter


My little baby girl turns 2 today. Wow!

I did promise that I would start blogging each time my kids had a birthday because I wanted to capture my thoughts.

I also realize that the time I invest now will be great to look at in the future.

So the first thing….you’re not a baby anymore Ryah, so I’m not sure I can call you my baby girl. It’s like that old saying where your kids will always be your kids. It’s true, as so many other things our parents told us, most of which belong in the cliche hall of fame. The second thing is that the first two years went by pretty slowly. I feel like I’ve had you for years, which means I feel like I’ve had Nyal for over a decade and he’s only 4. It’s hard to imagine, but just back in 2007 I had no idea I would have you guys and how it would so enrich my life.

Ryah, you are fiesty, super-social, stubborn, with a devilish grin and always know and ask for  what you want. You are pretty much like your Daddy. You worship your big brother Nyal, wanting to do everything he does and getting upset when he doesn’t want you messing with his puzzles, books, etc. You also love books because it’s the first thing you want to do when I get home, when you go to bed, and when you wake up.  I may be biased, but I think you are just adorable, cute, gorgeous and most of all….just beautiful. It’s the mixed kid thing for sure, but it’s also your smile and energy that just lights up my heart.  My favourite moment with you are when either of us come home for the day and you run to me and give me a double hug — one on each shoulder!

This past year, I’ve watched you learn how to walk. You started saying words and phrases I had no idea you knew such as “There you go”, “I can do it by myself” “Ghodi” (lap in Urdu) and “Assis” (the French is coming fast!). For some reason you still don’t get the colours. It’s okay, as I’ve learned with my over-analytical observations with Nyal, everything will come along. I think the reason the first two years seemed long was because it was full of so many little moments. I know that the next two years will be fast, and part of me is sad to miss this part, but excited to meet the little lady you will become.

Some other notable highlights.

  • You have a fascination with Daddy’s shoes
  • You love looking at pictures on my computer and iphone
  • I love watching you sleep, whether it’s curled up sideways or with your butt sticking up, because your eyes, breathing and lovely long lashes make me long to know your dreams.
  • You love to dance and Nyal and you have these ‘dance parties’ in his room that are hilarious
  • You love music and we have fun doing RCM class and then going to Tim’s after just Daddy and Ryah
  • We started swimming with you at the right time, so you are becoming more of a fish than your brother.
  • I love your hair, it’s so curly and gets in your face. It probably won’t last, but makes for great pictures.
  • I love when we snuggle in bed, or when you’re sick at night and I walk around humming for 30 minutes just to get you to fall asleep in my arms.

I could go on and on, but most of all I want to thank you Ryah. You made my dreams come true. You make me smile. You make me laugh. You even make me cry sometimes. It’s all because I am so honoured, grateful and blessed to have you in my life. My heart will never be the same because you have swelled it up to huge proportions and I can’t even describe the joy, happiness and love and I feel for you. It’s…profound, deep and soulful.

My promise to you is that I will do everything I can to make you feel fulfilled, supported, loved, and motivated. The hardest part about being a parent is that I want everything for you, I want to spend all my time with you, I want to feel and remember everything with you. But I can’t. What I can do is make every moment count, every affection and word ooze with love, every challenge and learning experience supported and reflected and finally be the Daddy that you, Nyal and your Mommy want me to be. I think I can. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life doing just that.

I love you Ryah, my sweet little inspiring 2-year old girl. Happy birthday!

Love, Daddy