Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.

Sometimes I become more honest and aware of my feelings.

Feeling overwhelmed, stretched and tired. Feeling like I’m saying “no” more often. Feeling like I’m letting people down. Feeling like I’m starting to sink. Feeling I’m struggling with my ideal balance, especially my health/weight. BUT…

Feeling like I’m learning to be more efficient. Feeling like I’m getting more opportunity. Feeling like I can do more with each hour I spend on people and things. Feeling I can prioritize more optimally.

Perhaps…Feeling more like a leader?

To all I may have affected with the first part, I’m sorry. Trying real hard. Will try to do better.To all who have affected me with the second part, Thank you! I appreciate you.Most of all, I thank you all for being on this journey of connection, leadership, growth, and impactful change.

Just being aware and sharing some raw and brutal honesty. It’s how I was feeling.

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