Guest Blog: New Experiences – Anu Singh

The following is a guest blog from one of my interns, Anu Singh, who is currently serving as a Public Relations Manager for Raeallan. I asked her and my other interns to start blogging a series of posts that were relevant to them and their peers. This is Anu’s first post. Hope you enjoy! — Bobby


New Experiences

Are you one of those people who need to constantly weigh their options before arriving at a decision? Well, join the club. In university, I went through stages of being a Forensic Scientist, a Chiropractor, a Fish Research Scientist and a Veterinarian; all while obtaining a Genetics degree. You can say I was trying to put my eggs in different baskets; which was exactly what I was doing. I talked to friends, family, professors and career professiAonals to help me arrive at a decision. Although I appreciated this help, I was still stuck in a rut and overwhelmed by all the options available. It was hard to let go of everything I had done so far because of the amount of time I had invested.

It was not until August 10th, 2011 when I was camping at my favourite place on Earth, Bruce Peninsula, where I was able to collect my thoughts and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It was time for a change…time for new experiences. On my way back to Toronto, I was smiling and could not wait to start afresh, thinking of the numerous possibilities and a chance to discover myself again. I had finally reached a decision; take life as it comes along, take risks and try new things. Since then I’ve done several things in the past year that has kept me happier than I have ever been:

  1. I stepped out of my science comfort zone and decided to do an MBA
  2. Competed in two business case competitions
  3. Started running recreationally and pushed myself every step of the way until I got shin splints
  4. Climbed the CN Tower in 20 minutes
  5. Crawled through a waist high mud pool in my first ever Spartan Race
  6. Dove through an underwater tunnel
  7. Jumped off of a 30ft cliff into the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay
  8. Started an internship in public relations with Bobby Umar (Raeallan)
  9. Picked up a new sport to watch – NFL football
  10. Made time for things I love – family, friends and adventure
  11. Started a twitter account (Follow me!: @Anusingh_)
  12. Moderated a tweet chat!

These and many more experiences have brought a whole new meaning to my life. I learned the excitement of adventure, taking chances and most importantly, it made me even more confident. The sheer thrill and excitement of participating in these ‘new’ endeavours, kept my life exciting and I was finally happy with the way life was coming along. John Garnder’s quote, “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser”; holds a special place in my heart. Explore, embrace, live life to the fullest and draw your own painting. The painting may be a puzzle as you keep drawing but at least it’s better than having a blank page.

— Anu Singh

Anu‘s Bio: Anu is currently a MBA co-op student at the DeGroote School of Business. She hopes to join the consulting world and has worked on projects at Hamilton Health Sciences. She is beginning to start another co-op at UHN and is excited to live downtown and continue exploring the beautiful city of Toronto. In her spare time, she loves to camp and would spend an entire day with a litter of puppies if she could.