Growing your business and team — Try impacting others

Every business wants to grow. Ideally the best way is your idea is revolutionary and demand skyrockets into huge sales. Sadly that’s not how it works for most entrepreneurs. It can take years to build up a comfortable base.

Admittedly, I struggled the first few years. But now my business and team are growing and I like it. Not just because of the extra income but because of how it’s happening. I’m doing it by making an impact on other people. This includes every person I come into contact with: suppliers, audience, and networks.

I started leveraging my social networking and realized I made an impression by sharing news, articles, quotes and my own personal insights. This has led to in-depth conversations, stronger connections, and ultimately more referrals to business. Interns joined me because they were inspired by my message, my cause, and most importantly my connection with them.

So treat every connection as a potential “brand engine”. They can ignite and grow your business. You may not skyrocket, but at least you’ll be flying.

Take care


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