“Embrace Lifelong Learning”

Learning is another universal truth in that it always exists for those who seek it. I have learned from both successes and failures, although I would argue that failure has more teachable moments.  I have learned from the journey between start and finish or that which I did not finish. But how can we learn the most from every event and connection in our life?

The first step is realizing that our knowledge is not an absolute truth. Knowledge is cumulative yet evolutionary because we can continually find creative ways to do things and make things differently than before.

The second step is to acknowledge that there is no perfection in any projects or connections. Every success has improvement or insights to enhance your professional growth. Every relationship has new opportunities to say and do more and ultimately grow a deeper bond.

Lastly, most people learn from books or from experience. A common question I get after my keynotes is “What books would you suggest to learn xxx?” Most are surprised when I tell them I don’t read very many leadership books. So then how do I learn? I learn by doing, which is the experience part. But I also learn another way – I absorb from people and conversations. To me, people have been my greatest teacher.

So engage people more, get mentors and collaborators, ask for honest feedback, and embrace lifelong learning!


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