“Change: Own it first!”

Why do people fear change? Change forces us to think differently, learn new things, and adapt. Humans by nature get too comfortable in their lives. Whether it’s your routine, your job, your network, even what meal you are planning.

For me personally, the biggest challenge as an entrepreneur has been the advent of social media. As a trainer and speaker, my presentations had to adapt to new and different audiences. I had a hard time with people critiquing my presentations on Twitter as I spoke! Although I was an early adopter of LinkedIn and Facebook, it took me longer to embrace Twitter and other new forms of social engagement and now I am catching up.

If are late to change, you spent too much energy catching up.

If you can accept change easily, then you can be ahead of the game.

If you anticipate change, then you can plan for it strategically and optimally.

But finally, if you create change, you can brand your own trail and let others follow you.

Have a fantastic week!!

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