Connection through Photos and Videos

Do you take pictures and videos to capture the entire minutiae of your life? I used to be the type of guy who didn’t understand why people would spend hours and hours of time videotaping and taking pictures of everything. One time I saw a family at a Harvey’s and the dad was videotaping his kids eating. I also abhorred the idea of the wedding video guy watching me and my wife eat at my own nuptials. I mean do I really want to reminisce about how I chowed down Chicken Biryani and Lamb masala in 5 minutes flat?

I did take many pictures of my son Nyal when he was born. Not obssessively, but a pretty good amount. Then Ryah came and my snapping frequency dwindled. I took for granted that my fantastic memory would be okay to remember the moments of connection. It was not enough.

But as I posted one little picture on Facebook, I realized that so many others are getting connection through my pictures, including my in-laws, family, and close friends. I also did the same through their photos.  So I went to town taking a ton of pictures this weekend and I posted the best of the best.

I have to admit, we had a blast posing and taking pictures. Even better to review all the pictures past and current. My wife and I reviewed them and just had a gush of feeling that overwhelmed us. Even now, I see my son and daughter and I get all emotional imagining the picture and then feeling enormous gratitude with all that I have.

Capturing the moments, both big and small is a wonderful way to connect with my immediate family and my external relationships. But it also connects me to myself because I get to see my life from a new angle. (pun intended).

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